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Adrian Egolf, Founder & CEO Professional Organizer, Conqueror of Clutter

Adrian Egolf, Founder & CEO
Professional Organizer, Conqueror of Clutter

Who We Are

Hello! I am a professional organizer and Conquerer of Clutter (I like to think that’s my superhero name!). Being organized allows me to cultivate my home into a place where I feel nourished, relaxed, and calm. Organization allows me to live my life to the fullest, have time to do the things I really love (hike, write, travel, and indulge my foodie side), be more productive, and have a sanctuary to call home. 

I love sharing the gift of organization with others. It is truly my superpower! I started The Clean Slate Living Company to show people how to conquer clutter, gain peace of mind, and find freedom from the stress of a messy home and disorganized space. I am on a mission to reduce stress, clear clutter, and increase free time for my community one closet, or kitchen (or bedroom, work room, garage, basement, break room), at a time. I cannot wait to help YOU organize your life, so you can live it! 

What We Do

  • FIRST: A professional organizer will meet with you, in person or over the phone, to discuss your needs, goals, and wants. During the consultation, Clean Slate will design a custom organization plan based on your needs, and create a system to help your life run more smoothly, efficiently, and with less stress!

  • SECOND: Your personal organizer will turn your organization dreams into a reality! Working side-by-side, your organizer will offer tips, strategies, and maintenance plans to transform your space from a chaotic and cluttered mess, into a place where your belongings have a home and purpose, where you have what you need, and where you can relax.

  • THIRD: Your Clean Slate organizer will most likely become a friend, checking in on your plan and maintenance, and celebrating your newfound lifestyle of ease and organization. You will feel empowered by transforming your space, and improving your life. That’s the good stuff! Your organizer will make sure your custom Clean Slate System works for you and your lifestyle. Our mission is to better your life, ease your stress, and boost your confidence by transforming your space!

What We DON’T Do

  • Clean Slate will never make you throw anything away! Seriously. Nothing (except trash!). We are not about forcing you to streamline your life to the point of austerity. We are about helping you organize the items you have, giving them a home and a purpose. You don’t have to find joy to keep items that are important to you. Your charging station may not bring you joy, and that’s just fine. If you need it, keep it!

  • Clean Slate will never force you to do homework! We work alongside you to help you organize. We are your workforce, AND your cheerleading squad. We aim to leave our clients with a skillset of their own, so they can live fully in a new and easier lifestyle, by imparting wisdom, tips, and techniques along the way. 

  • Clean Slate will never invade your privacy! Your personal items and paperwork are just that: personal. We can offer myriad ways to organize paperwork and sentimental items without having to go through them with you, although if you prefer, Clean Slate will be by your side guiding you with organizational skill and expertise. 

  • Clean Slate will never misuse your time! Time is precious and Clean Slate takes pride in the efficiency of our work. If you cannot be there during some, or all, of the organizing process, have no fear. Our professional organizers will sort, pile, and clean in such a way that all you will need to do is make final key decisions. We can take care of the rest, and answer any questions you may have about maintaining the new system we create for you. 

With organization comes empowerment.
— Lynda Peterson