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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

Brand New Basement, Park Hill

I had such a blast organizing Diana’s basement! In just 8 short hours, we transformed the basement from an unusable, over-packed storage space, into a beautiful and functional part of her home. Now, Diana has a place for houseguests, and a game room for her children. She also has a workroom for home improvement and DIY projects, and a place for her keepsakes. Her laundry room is pristine and functional, and all of her holiday decorations, specialty kitchen items, and cherished photos are easily accessible. I absolutely loved working with Diana. She is a fierce and busy mother, actress, realtor, and entrepreneur. I am so thrilled the Clean Slate Living Company was able to give some order to Diana’s life, and create a peaceful and relaxing space to enjoy time with her family and friends. Congratulations, Diana! You are a Clean Slate rock star! 

Ryan Foy