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Clean Slate offers a variety of services to meet all your organizational needs. In any area of your life, we are here to help. We organize closets, kitchens, basements, garages, storage units, entire homes, and more! Whether you are moving to a new space, live in a tiny home and need efficiency, or live in a large home and feel overwhelmed, The Clean Slate Living Company has you covered! Clean Slate will help you maximize and organize your space, to help you live your best life.  

  • Services start at $75/hour

  • All clients receive a FREE consultation to determine specific needs/wants, and create a custom organization plan

  • All clients receive a personalized Maintenance Plan to help keep their space(s) organized and functional

  • All services include1 and 3-month follow-up visits, to make sure the maintenance plan is working for you


The Tidy Up

1-2 spaces

The Tidy Up is perfect if you are looking to find that one pair of shoes at the back of your closet that you haven’t seen in over a year, or if you need to organize your home office and see the floor underneath stacks of papers and books. In as little as three hours, your closet, home office, or bedroom can look like a whole new space again! 

The Straighten Up

1-2 spaces

Let the Straighten Up bring order back into your life. Reclaim your bedroom as a sanctuary, feel like a professional chef in your streamlined kitchen, feel ready to invite guests over to spend time in your new and improved living room. The Straighten Up will give you the freedom to use that junk room that has been taking up space for far too long. 

The Spic & Span

2-3 spaces

The Spic & Span is ideal for anyone looking to overhaul an entire floor of their home, the break room at the office, or the back room at your salon. Let Clean Slate give you the freedom to feel at home in your home!

A Fresh Start

3-4 spaces

This package is perfect for anyone who needs to get a fresh start by getting rid of unnecessary items cluttering the flow of their home or office. The Fresh Start is perfect for the person who hasn’t opened the junk drawer since Oprah was on air, and shudders at the thought of the boxes piled up in the basement. Let Clean Slate come in and free you from the cobwebs, and get that junk out of your drawers! 

christina’s Clean Slate

Large home or office

This service is named in honor of my mother, the inspiration for this business, and the ultimate organizer. When you need a total overhaul, this is the perfect place to start. A Clean Slate is miraculous for those committed to changing their lives, and regaining focus in their home and office. This package is ideal for anyone looking to not only de-clutter, but repurpose spaces in their home for current needs and wants.

Custom Organizing

Mix and Match

Don't see what you need? Let us know! If you have a specialty project, Clean Slate Living can get the job done with custom packages and services to fit your niche and organize your particular area of need. 

Specialty Services

The Bachelor

Social Home Spaces

The Bachelor is for the man who wants to invite his S.O. to his home, but needs to clear out the dirty dishes and the old recliner, and maybe put a few fresh flowers and legit highballs on his coffee table.  Think “Queer Eye”, but without the cameras and groomers! 

Relocation services

Packing & Unpacking

Moving can be overwhelming. Clean Slate has the tools and expertise to make sure you only pack what you need, and can help you unpack seamlessly and effortlessly. Let us help you take the stress out of moving, and make it an adventure into a new and improved home!

The Wonder Woman

Social Home Spaces

This service is perfect for the woman on the go, who wants a sanctuary to come home to after a long day of getting stuff DONE. If you just don’t have time to organize your home life, because you professional life is so busy, this is the service for you!

Partner Companies


Clean Slate is proud to partner with The Rosenhagen Team at Compass!

The Concierge Service at Compass is second to none. If you are looking to sell your current home, Clean Slate Living, in partnership with the Rosenhagen Team at Compass, will help declutter, organize, and add value to your home for the ultimate presentation to home buyers. What’s more? Utilizing the Compass Concierge Service, you will receive 2 free hours of unpacking services from Clean Slate! Decluttering before a move is crucial, and having extra hands to help design and find a home for the things you are unpacking is even better! Let The Rosenhagen Team at Compass and Clean Slate help you find your place in your new home. We make moving out and moving in simple, easy, and stress free, while getting the best value for your home.

Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - It’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.
— Peter Walsh