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What if I’m too embarrassed to have an organizer see my space?

I always say, “The bigger the mess, the bigger the transformation!” At Clean Slate, we LOVE a major project, and we understand. We have ALL been there. Truly. Even the most organized person in the universe has been overwhelmed and let clutter get out of control. Whether you have been stockpiling for days, or years, we have seen it all and nothing is impossible! One of our very first clients was convinced her basement was beyond all hope, but in just 8 short hours, we turned her space around and showed her that nothing, even piles of boxes and clothes and furniture and junk, is too far gone. We are here to help, not judge. It is our mission to show you the magic of organization. The bigger the project, the more excited we are to clean the slate and reclaim your time and space!

How will I maintain my new space/organized home?

Your personal organizer will work with you to create an achievable plan to maintain your newfound organized system. Completing small tasks day-to-day will enable you to reap huge rewards over time. It really only takes a few minutes here and there, a few new habits, and your life will run smoothly and effortlessly from the tips and tricks you learn with your Clean Slate Organizer. Plus, results are the best motivator. By following your simple Clean Slate maintenance plan, you space will stay beautiful, organized, clutter & worry free. Additionally, your Clean Slate Organizer will follow-up with you 1 & 3 months after your service to make sure your maintenance plan is working for you. They will work with you to make any changes necessary. It is our goal to give you freedom from clutter. That doesn't happen overnight, and we are here to stay the course with you!

Does everything have to be done all at once?

Absolutely not! We can split up any of our service packages to accommodate your time and scheduling needs over the course of a few days, or weeks.

Will I have to buy organizing stuff?

Absolutely not! Many of our clients discover that empty bins, drawers, and containers magically appear as we organize and sort. Clean Slate will provide garbage bags, picture hangers, dusting cloths, and will make Goodwill drop-offs for smaller items. In some cases, clients prefer to purchase items like matching bins and hangers, drawer organizers, or or kitchen baskets and decanters, but that is a personal choice. We honor and work with whatever your needs may be!

Do I have to be present for the organizing process?

For efficiency and time management, your participation is encouraged, however, you do not need to be present the entire time your organizer is organizing your space. Sorting decisions are best made by our clients, but once those decisions have been made, we can take it from there and reveal your new and improved space after a few hours working on our own. We take you to the finish line, so all you need to do is cross it!