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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

Closet Creativity, Golden Triangle

I spent today in the company of Louis, Ralph, and Salvatore, organizing a spacious closet with an exquisite wardrobe. It was so fun finding the perfect place for silk scarves, cashmere sweaters, handmade suits, electric blue crocodile loafers, and fur hats. Pure luxury! 
My client already had matching hangers, and did not want to discard any clothing items. He wanted to keep dry-cleaned clothes in the plastic to make packing for frequent business trips more efficient. This is a perfect example of how you can be organized without having to part with things you love. 
He had various sentimental items which I was able to showcase, once the bulk of the organizing had been completed. 
My client is now a well dressed man with a functional closet! He is able to see his gorgeous wardrobe, and important heirlooms and keepsakes, each time he gets dressed in the morning. Mission accomplished! 

Adrian Egolf