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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It



Organizing a space is kind of like going to the gym: Nobody really wants to go to the gym, but once you're there, and you promise yourself just 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, you realize it really isn't so bad. At the 20 minute mark you discover you could go for 30 minutes, maybe even 45 minutes, or a full hour! It’s getting started that the hardest part. And, just like organizing, sometimes you need a little boost, some expertise and words of encouragement from a personal trainer, someone to show how hard you are truly working, and help you see the small wins that lead to huge gains.  A few extra sit-ups will help you achieve that 6-pack sooner, and on your next beach vacation, you’ll be happy for those extra reps. Organizing works the same way. Starting with one little drawer will pay off weeks later when you’ve chipped away at the kitchen, drawer-by-drawer, and now you know where everything is, and you donated your 3 spare Instapots to your local thrift store. How we do one small thing, informs how we do other, bigger things. It is the magic of changing one small, achievable habit that creates profound changes through a chain reaction beginning with one small choice. Taking the time to organize the junk drawer in your kitchen will inform how you put the dishes away that evening, which informs how you relax for the night before you turn out the light. It doesn’t all have to happen today in this very moment. It can happen bird-by-bird, one step at a time. Choose a small shift in how you care for your space and your personal time. See where it leads. Before you know it, your kitchen could be your favorite room in the house. It all starts with the junk drawer, or putting on your running shoes. We are all capable of more than we know. All we have to do is begin.

Ryan Foy