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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

The Struggle is Real

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We are not alone in the embarrassment and overwhelming feeling of dread at the thought of reclaiming a space, whether it be your closet or a desk drawer, or an entire home that has slipped through the cracks of our busy lives. But it is not too late to consider an alternative to the madness. Honoring your space, and the stuff you have in it, is a way of honoring yourself, your time, and your mental health. Giving yourself an opportunity to throw a dinner party for friends without making it a full day event of shopping, cooking, and then cleaning you entire home is an achievable, and maybe even enjoyable! Consider what it would be like to come home to an organized living room and put the groceries on the counter of an organized kitchen. Getting ready in a tidy bedroom, and opening your closet to an organized clothing collection full of glorious threads that you can easily choose from. It is possible. It is possible to start fresh, to reclaim your life and your time.  All you have to do is choose. It really is that simple. You are not alone. Clean Slate is here to help you make the choice to live your best life. 

Ryan Foy