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Freshening Up Your Closet, A Little Goes a LONG way!

This closet makeover was one of my favorites. I had a beautiful space to work with, in a historic Denver home. My client needed a freshen-up for himself and his husband because, believe it or not, they SHARE A WARDROBE! If that isn’t #marriagegoals I don’t know what is! This couple has a gorgeous wardrobe that includes a costume trunk. Again, #marriagegoals. They wanted to be able to see everything they have, display keepsakes and sentimental items in the built-ins, AND be able to easily move their closet, since they winter in Aspen, CO.

To achieve their goals, I started by sorting through the closet and separating their clothes into Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer, which makes it easy to move and store seasonal clothes. When it comes time to move to Aspen this fall, all they will need to do is put their clothes into suitcases!

For their Spring/Summer clothes, I matched like with like, purged a few older items, created a space for gym clothes and sporting equipment, and color coded their collared shirts. This makes it easy to see what is available, and simple to find tops and bottoms.

With the space created through sorting, I was able to display wedding memorabilia and keepsakes, so the memories they cherish are front and center when they get dressed in the morning.

This closet has divine built-ins and exquisitely tall ceilings, making the space naturally bright, open, and cheerful. The true charm of this closet was revealed through a little freshening up and rearranging. My clients will be able to make the move to Aspen, CO seamlessly, choose the perfect outfit every day, AND be reminded of the things they love each morning. Now, if I could just borrow from their costume trunk....

Adrian Egolf