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Organize your life, so you can live it

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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

Crush the Clutter! Don't let IT crush YOU!

This was a MAJOR transformation! My client was ready to make a change in her life. She was brave enough to take a risk, and the outcome speaks for itself. When my client first called me she said, “It’s really bad. It’s just crushing.” She felt she couldn’t even begin to clear the clutter that had built up over time, given extenuating life circumstances, and the stress those circumstances can bring with them. I am happy to say that today my client is no longer “crushed” by the weight of her room. Together, we were able to create a game plan, and a new system for her day-to-day. She was READY to reclaim her life through her space. Now, she has a place to relax, a way to display the things that are important to her, and a sanctuary to refuel and recharge. The power of organizing and decluttering is tremendous. It’s magic. Let me wave my magic wand for you, and see what wishes can come true! All it takes is that first step…

Another bit of magic? As we worked, $1929.00 in cash appeared from places long hidden and cluttered with “stuff”. This job paid for itself and then some! What hidden treasures might you find?

Adrian Egolf