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Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

Happiness is Experience, Not Things

Sometimes we trick ourselves into believing that the more things we have, the happier we will be. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. As consumers, we are tempted to buy happiness through purchasing a new kitchen gadget, another pair of jeans, or a new lipstick. The reality is, the happiness those items bring fades over time. We start comparing what WE have to what OTHERS have, which that leads us further down the road of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. 

So, if I can't buy more things, accumulate more gadgets, and consume more products to make me happy, what CAN I do? The answer is simple: experience the world by living your life. Science shows that experiences bring us more happiness than things. What’s more, the memories of those experiences can last a lifetime and bring you joy every time you think of the amazing vacation you took, the beautiful opera you saw, or the family camping trip when you roasted marshmallows with your kids. 

I like to remind my clients of this happiness phenomenon when we are in the midst of decluttering. This can be a very difficult process for some, and some items are hard to let go of. This is where a professional organizer can be invaluable helping a client decide what is truly meaningful and useful for their lives and happiness. Once the clutter has been cleared, and the items that are truly meaningful remain, a person’s life is transformed from a mess of indecision to a clear path of what they actually need to serve their lives. With newfound Freedom from Stuff, a person is able to focus on living and experiencing the world, without worrying about the mess and clutter that awaits them at home. Ultimately, clearing the clutter enables you to consider your next big adventure, experience it, and be happier.

So, clear the clutter and start living! Only happiness awaits...

Adrian Egolf