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Organize your life, so you can live it

The Clean Slate Living Company

Organize Your Life, So You Can Live It

Look, Mom! I made it!

Today is grand opening of The Clean Slate Living Company, and would have been my mother’s 70thbirthday. I chose to start my business on this milestone day, because everything I learned about organizing and cultivating a beautiful home, I learned from my mother. Her home smelled like cinnamon and stargazer lilies, and felt like a warm hug when you walked through the front door. She cultivated an immense feeling of peace, warmth, and welcome in her home, feelings that made it a favorite place amongst my childhood friends and carried through to visits home from college and bringing grandchildren over for the holidays. Her home was peace, and love, and serenity, created by who she was as a human being, and how she reflected that in her space. 

I am incredibly fortunate that she passed her wisdom along to me.  Growing up she taught me shortcuts and tips to save time in the kitchen, she taught me the 60-Second Rule, and the best way to fold linens. She showed me how to plate a meal in a spotless kitchen, so we could enjoy dinner and wine without have to think about the cleanup. She taught me that nothing is perfect, but that a little effort can go a long way to making one’s life easier, more productive, and give space to the things we truly care about.  

I was in awe of my mother when she was alive, and I am tremendously grateful for all the gifts she left behind that I am able to share with others. People often looked to my mother for advice and troubleshooting the minute details of projects and plans. She was a master problem solver, often seeing small shifts that made huge differences. She looked for the simplest solutions and found ways to make life easier and just more fun! She brought joy and ease to the universe through her gift of organizing and planning, and I cannot wait to carry on her legacy with The Clean Slate Living Company. I have never been more excited or proud to help you organize your life, so you can start living it! 

My mother would celebrate the grand opening of The Clean Slate Living Company with a delicious sifter Chamucos Reposado, and you can bet I will be doing the exact same thing, right after I take a moment to reflect on my beautifully organized home and office, and thank her for everything. 

Adrian Egolf