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Working It Out

This is one of my most favorite transformations to date! When my client saw the finished product, she was almost speechless. She said, “Wow! I didn’t realize you were going to transform this room. I just thought you were going to organize it!” So much of the time, the two go hand in hand😉 Now, the office/exercise room is exactly that - a welcoming place to work, AND workout!

This project required a lot of staging and furniture juggling. My client had great pieces to start, and made it clear that the office was mainly used for their morning rides. Keeping the cycling set-up intact, I was able to carve out some office space for her and her husband, by utilizing the closet for overflow toy storage (including a box of “secret” toys that my client doles out over the whole year. I LOVE that idea!)

It was truly a perfect fit, and created space for what they needed to room to be. It is amazing what appears, when you create space for what you WANT.

Adrian Egolf