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Battling the Room of Doom

We ALL have one! That room where we cringe and close our eyes when we walk by. That room where we close the door when guests come over. That room where we we may not even able to OPEN the door if wanted, due to piles of “stuff” that has blocked the entryway. The all-to-common Room of Doom is a dirty little secret shared by many, if not most. Rooms of Doom just happen to be something I love taking on, too! The feeling of freedom, once a Room of Doom has been cleared, decluttered, and conquered is truly amazing. Creating space amongst the rubble for something new, better, and more productive is an addictive feeling. It is the epitome of wiping the slate clean to start fresh, and that is what I am all about here at the Clean Slate Living Company!

For this particular project, I was hired by Benchmark Theatre to get their prop and costume storage organized, functional, and ready for the next production. I love theatre. I was professional actor for 17 years, before delving into the world of organization and productivity. Theatre holds a special place in my heart, just like props and costumes hold the memories of shows past. They bring to life moments that were captured on the stage. I had the heart, and the backstage expertise, to give each prop and costume a proper home. Much like an actual house, props are divided up between kitchen, office, bedroom, patio, etc. Different pieces for different settings. I sorted the costumes by type, and put all technical equipment (power strips, vacuums, tape, etc.) in it’s own special bin.

The production team at Benchmark is going to have no trouble finding what they need for future productions, and easily unpacking shows to come in an organized way. I was truly grateful for this project that brought two of my passions together! Goodbye, Room of Doom! Hello, Broadway!

Adrian Egolf