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Family Office Restoration

My client closed the door to this room, if she knew people were coming over. If the door was left open, she hurried past, for fear that she would catch a glimpse of what was piled up inside. The family office had gotten out of control, becoming a receptacle for things that didn’t necessarily “belong” anywhere. This office needed a reboot and new purpose. We found the floor, and everything just flood from there!

My client kept an antique bed in the office. She had always wanted to use it for her daughter, but since her daughter had finally gotten big enough for the bed, she had’t been able to find time to move it. Together, we made the move in about 20 minutes. Her daughter’s old bed found a new home in about the same amount of time! With that space cleared, we were able to create a comfy corner, complete with a recliner and gorgeous mid-century mod lamp.

Next, we tackled the desk. We found many electronics that were ready to be recycled, photos and artwork that needed to be filed, and even some CDs from my clients recording days. We turned the bookshelf into a reading nook area, and I gave each member of the family their very own shelf. Now, when mom is at work at her desk, her daughter can read, or color, or pick an activity from her Activity Basket.

This space is now a comfortable place for the whole family. They can share reading time, work time, and find some relaxation amongst it all. My client no longer has to close the door to hide her office from houseguests, her daughter has a brand new antique bed (that’s an oxymoron, right?!), and her husband can join in the fun with his own shelf and comfy chair. It’s a true family affair!

Adrian Egolf