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Hip Kitchen

This project was awesome sauce! My client has a stunning downtown loft with 20 ft. tall ceilings, exposed brick, and original factory windows. The light is exquisite. I had so much fun turning their kitchen into a sleek, functional space, complete with a coffee station and a baking cupboard. Kitchens are my jam! (Also, I love food puns)

This project took about 5 hours, and included a lot of sorting, reconfiguring, and tossing what was expired, or no longer useful. I had the help of two very naughty and mischievous kitties, as well! They were mostly interested in breaking in to all the candy stashes. I focused on creating stations for my client’s daily routine, and passions. My client had a wide array of coffee, smoothie tinctures & powders, and baking goods fit for The Great British Baking Show. I gave them stations for each, which will make the day-to-day easy and smooth. I even gave them a “sweet treat” stash cupboard, so they can easily find the good stuff!

My client was ready to have a functional kitchen area that matched the modern design of their loft, a place with all of the essentials, and none of the overflow. I loved working for this client. They were ready for a Clean Slate, and they got just what they wanted!

Adrian Egolf